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Yocan Pillar E-Rig Replacement Coils 5PK


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Yocan Pillar E-Rig Replacement Coils – Maximizing Flavor and Lifespan

Take your sessions with the Yocan Pillar E-Rig to the next level with these high-performance replacement coils. Engineered for intensity and longevity, these innovative coils optimize taste and vapor quality. The 5-pack ensures you’ve got plenty on hand for worry-free vaping. Keep reading to learn why these are the ultimate coils for your Pillar E-Rig.

Unrivaled Intensity with XTAL Tech

At the heart of these replacement coils lies cutting-edge XTAL technology. XTAL refers to crystalline concentrates applied to the heating element. This proprietary blend prevents overheating and unlocks supreme intensity. XTAL-infused coils maintain the ideal temperature for maximizing terpenes and flavors. Draws are rich, smooth, and full-bodied. The complex aroma and taste profiles really shine through. What’s more, XTAL technology delivers hard-hitting effects. Potent vapor flows generously from each pack. These coils truly optimize the power and performance of your Pillar E-Rig.

Built for Longevity and Reliability

The Pillar replacement coils are constructed from premium materials to ensure a long lifespan. The heating elements utilize medical-grade components designed for frequent, heavy-duty vaping. The outer housing features durable stainless steel. This resists thinning or damage over time. Exposed exteriors are knurled for an easy grip when removing coils. Inside, Japanese organic cotton wicks provide exceptional absorption. This prevents dry or burnt hits even after prolonged use. The cotton fully saturates for full, lush vapor production. Together, the high-end materials withstand wear and tear. The coils maintain their vapor quality and intensity over hundreds of uses. You get the reliability needed for everyday vaping.

Pure, Clean Taste

Purity is paramount with vaporization. These replacement coils deliver pristine flavor you can trust. The medical-grade ceramic heating elements are completely inert. They won’t degrade or contaminate your vapor’s taste. You’ll enjoy the full nuanced flavors of waxes, concentrates or dabs. No metallic or chemical aftertastes will ruin that delicious terpene profile. The vapor stays light and crisp puff after puff. The organic cotton wick also provides a clean draw. There’s no cottony taste or restrictive pull. Enjoy exceptional purity with every use of these outstanding coils.

Quick and Easy to Use

Loading and using the replacement coils takes just seconds. Unscrew your current coil from the base of the Yocan Pillar battery. Firmly attach a fresh coil by threading it clockwise. Use the included loading tool to prep your concentrates or waxes on the coil surface. Press them lightly into the center until they melt slightly. Attach the glass atomizer tube and you’re ready to vape! When vapor production declines, simply swap in a new coil. Soak used coils in isopropyl alcohol overnight to clean before disposal. Enjoy seamless, mess-free vaping with minimal effort.

Versatile Compatibility

While designed for the Pillar, these coils also fit most 510-thread vaporizer batteries. Expand their usefulness across your collection of wax pens and e-rigs. The wide compatibility makes them fantastic backups to have on hand. No matter what device you reach for, you can load in a fresh Yocan coil for amazing performance. Never be without your necessary vaping supplies.

What’s Included

Each 5-pack of Yocan Pillar E-Rig Replacement Coils contains:
  • 5x XTAL-infused ceramic donut coils
  • 1x Loading tool
  • 1x User manual
No batteries or other accessories are included.

Vital Specs

  • Ceramic donut coil design
  • Proprietary XTAL technology
  • 510-thread compatible
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Organic Japanese cotton wicks
  • Pack of 5 coils

For Worry-Free Vaping

With this 5-pack of replacement coils, you’ll stay stocked for weeks of intense vaping. Never run low on supplies again. Yocan manufactures their signature coils in-house for consistent quality. Yocan provides a 1 year warranty against defects. Contact their customer support if you have any issues with performance or longevity. Experience the very best from your Pillar E-Rig and enjoy next level flavor. These coils deliver on all fronts. Refresh your setup today with new Yocan power!

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Yocan Pillar E-Rig Replacement Coils 5PK
Yocan Pillar E-Rig Replacement Coils 5PK


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