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Sunakin PopShot Kit – Water Bottle Pipe attachment


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Sunakin PopShot Kit – Turn Any Bottle into a Water Pipe

Experience smoother, cooler hits by transforming your standard bottles into water pipes with the ingenious Sunakin PopShot Kit. This 2-piece system lets you add bubbling water filtration to any vessel for an upgraded smoking session. Read on to see how PopShot revolutionizes impromptu smoking on the go.

Portable Water Filtration

The Sunakin PopShot Kit lets you instantly add bubbling water filtration to any bottle – no extra equipment needed. Just fill your bottle, drop in the glass downstem, and attach the silicone pipe to create a smooth-hitting water bong in seconds. Water diffusion actively cools and conditions each draw, delivering refreshingly silky vapor. The soothing moisture treatment protects your throat and lungs while enhancing flavor notes. Small, discreet, and easy to use anywhere, PopShot empowers you with portable water filtration on demand. Ditch harsh hits for luxuriously smooth draws at home or on the move.

Universal Bottle Compatibility

PopShot fits most standard 16-20oz disposable and reusable bottles with a diameter over 2.5 inches – including plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, Nalgenes, tumblers, and more. The bendable silicone pipe and adjustable glass downstem conform to fit a wide range of vessels. Just stretch the pipe mouth and position the downstem to create an airtight seal. Any bottle becomes your water pipe with total flexibility. Compact construction stashes conveniently in pockets, bags, and more for portability. Wherever your adventures take you, PopShot lets you transform found vessels into filtered smoking buddies within seconds.

Premium Borosilicate Glass

The included downstem is expertly crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass – the gold standard for water pipes. Borosilicate glass boasts unrivaled heat resistance and strength. The neutral, nonporous material prevents residue buildup to keep every draw tasting ultra pure with zero influence on flavor or aroma. It won’t degrade or corrode over time. Borosilicate glass also cleans easily with iso alcohol or formula 420. The glass downstem will maintain flawless transparency and performance for years of regular use. You get the quality of a premium glass piece in a portable kit.

Medical-Grade Silicone Parts

All silicone components utilize 100% BPA- and BPS-free medical grade silicone for safety and durability. The flexible material adapts to fit nearly any bottle without absorbing smells or tastes. Heat-resistant up to 440??F, the silicone won’t melt or deform when exposed to a lighter. It provides a secure airtight seal during use. Medical silicone is also naturally antibacterial and incredibly easy to clean. Just soak in iso alcohol or dish soap and water to keep your pipe fresh. No ghosting tastes or smelly residue with silicone.

Leak-Proof Design

Innovative dual o-ring seals encircle the downstem to prevent water leaks and spills even when tilting your bottle. Just fill below the rings, insert the downstem, and you’re guaranteed a mess-free session. The snug silicone cap fits most bottles to prevent slipping or detaching when tipped upright. Raised ribs give added grip and hold. With PopShot, you can take hits at any angle without worrying about splashing or spilling water. The thoughtful leak-proofing lets you puff away carefree.

Discreet and Inconspicuous

PopShot provides stealthy, low-profile water filtration when you need it. The compact kit easily fits a pocket or bag for transport anywhere. Assembled bottles blend right in like ordinary drinks. Passersby will never suspect your water bottle is actually a filtered smoking device. The smart discreet design allows you to create instant water diffusion anywhere without attracting unwanted attention. PopShot lets you smoke in peace.

Durable and Reusable

Both glass and silicone are extremely resilient materials built to last through regular use. You’ll enjoy years of service from every PopShot component. The glass downstem withstands heat and frequent cleaning without fracturing or clouding thanks to premium borosilicate composition. Flexible medical silicone retains its integrity over time. It doesn’t become misshapen, degraded or tacky with use. PopShot will quickly become your go-to smoking upgrade for life on the move. The durable materials hold up for the long haul.

Complete 2-Piece Kit Contains:

  • 1x Glass Downstem with 2 O-Rings
  • 1x Silicone Bottle Cap

Smooth Hits Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the power of water filtration away from home with the ingeniously portable Sunakin PopShot Kit. Transform ordinary vessels into filtered smoking devices in seconds for discretely smooth hits anywhere.

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Sunakin PopShot Kit – Water Bottle Pipe attachment
Sunakin PopShot Kit – Water Bottle Pipe attachment


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