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SMOK TFV16 Tank Kit

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  • 28mm Diameter
  • 6.5ml Juice Capacity
  • Sliding Top Fill Design
  • TFV9 Coil Series
  • 0.15ohm Meshed Coils


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SMOK TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank Kit – 28mm Tank with 6.5ml Capacity & Top Slide Fill

Experience the pinnacle of sub ohm tank performance with the SMOK TFV9. This monumental new addition to the TFV family delivers the massive vapor production the series is renowned for, along with the convenience of a top slide fill design.

The expansive 28mm diameter chassis provides a staggering 6.5ml e-liquid capacity. It houses the cutting edge TFV9 coils capable of churning out bold clouds using the press-fit installation.

Dual bottom airflow slots and the signature resin & stainless construction result in a modern classic built for cloud chasing enthusiasts. Discover for yourself why TFV remains the most popular vape tank series ever produced!

Product Highlights

  • 28mm Diameter
  • 6.5ml Juice Capacity
  • Sliding Top Fill Design
  • TFV9 Coil Series
  • 0.15ohm Meshed Coils
  • Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Resin & Stainless Construction
  • Expandable 810 Resin Drip Tip

Extreme 6.5ml E-Liquid Supply

Despite the wide diameter, an impressive 6.5ml of vape juice capacity is built into the TFV9 tank. The substantial reservoir will satisfy even the most demanding direct lung vapers.

You can indulge in back to back sessions without stopping to refuel. When you do need to top off, the convenient top slide fill makes it lightning fast.

For an oversized cloud chasing setup, this huge capacity helps you spend more time enjoying bold flavor and less time refilling. Bring enough juice to share!

Innovative Sliding Top Fill

Quickly refill the TFV9 whenever needed using the signature slide top fill mechanism. Just push the lock button and slide open the port. Fill directly from any bottle in seconds.

Large kidney shaped juice ports route e-liquid directly into the tank. Side airflow prevents flooding. Simply slide it closed until it clicks to re-seal the tank.

No more struggling with messy threaded caps or proprietary refill methods. The TFV9 makes it frustration free to refuel for extended journeys.

Next Level TFV9 Coil Series

The TFV9 ushers in a new generation of Smok’s industry leading sub ohm coil technology. By optimizing the mesh structure, wicking, and chimney, both flavor intensity and longevity reach all new heights.

Larger heating zones enhance e-liquid absorption across the multiple mesh layers. This results in bolder flavor and massive vapor production compared to past TFV coils.

The 0.15ohm meshed coil included can withstand a staggering 40-90 watts. More options are coming soon to satisfy any vaping needs and preferences.

Bottom Adjustable Airflow

Two extremely wide cyclops airflow slots provide fully adjustable airflow. Simply rotate the ring to fine tune airflow from a very loose MTL inhale all the way to a cloud chucking direct lung draw.

At full open, the massive airflow develops incredible vapor density to immerse your senses. For added turbulence, close the airflow slightly and savor boosted flavor.

Deep juice reservoir pockets prevent leaking even at extreme angles. Find your perfect airflow setting for clouds, flavor, and warmth using the convenient grips.

Bold TFV Style

The SMOK TFV9 retains the iconic aesthetic that makes TFV tanks immediately recognizable. Gorgeous resin tube jackets shimmer with transparency effects. Matching resin wide-bore drip tips continue the stunning appearance.

Contrasting stainless steel base and deck provide classy accents. The locking button and airflow control rings add striking functional details. As always, Smok delivers designs just as powerful as the performance.

Leak Resistant Design

Innovations like the slide top fill, base airflow adjustment, and chimney prevent messy leaks and condensation. The innovative top lock also guarantees secure opening and closing when refilling.

SmokTech carefully engineered the TFV9 to eliminate common tank frustrations like accidental opening, flooding, and seepage. Experience confident no hassle use and maintenance.

The water-tight seals enable carefree filling and travel without worrying about e-liquid ruining clothes, bags or mods. The locking button adds further peace of mind.

Supreme E-Liquid Taste

While clouds and convenience rank high, the TFV9’s phenomenal flavor recreation impresses vapers most. Bright fruit mixes come alive with clarity. Dessert blends ooze with rich sweetness. Menthol juices refresh intensely.

The enormous heating zone acts like an RDA to provide immense surface area exposure to your tastebuds. Smok’s mesh material and wicking ports prevent dryness or muting.

Rediscover subtle tastes and aroma nuances in your favorite all day vapes. The TFV9 unlocks the full sensory potential of exquisite modern e-liquid recipes.

Constructed to Last

As expected from SmokTech, the TFV9 utilizes quality materials like 304 stainless steel and silica reinforced glass. Precision machining and anodization produces a tank built to last.

Careful ultrasonic welding maintains water-tight seals to prevent leaks. Every o-ring tolerance is meticulously calculated during design to ensure flawless performance.

SmokTech’s advanced manufacturing technology ensures consistency between tanks. The TFV9 delivers the durability and longevity followers of the series rely on.

Cloud Chasing Innovation

SMOK established the TFV series as the premier tanks for chasing massive vapor production starting in 2015. With each new iteration, clouds get bigger while convenience improves.

The TFV9 represents the state of the art in sub ohm tank engineering today in 2023. From the slide top fill to the innovative new coils, it provides the ultimate direct lung vaping experience.

Forcloud chasers who take their setups seriously, the TFV9 sits proudly at the bleeding edge of development. SmokTech maintains their reputation for boundary pushing performance.

Next Level Cloud Production

While traveling friendly in size, the staggering vapor production rivals rebuildable 30mm cloud chasing setups. The enormous airflow path feeds the powerful mesh coils.

Expect famously dense, swirling clouds of tasty vapor that look like a thunderstorm. Even partially closed down, the airflow develops thick satisfying hits.

Pair the TFV9 with your most powerful dual battery mods and prepare to be impressed. SmokTech packs tremendous innovation into the TFV platform year after year.

The Pinnacle of Sub Ohm Tanks

The SMOK TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank enters the arena as a new apex predator. It blends extreme 6.5ml capacity with the convenience of sliding top fill and massive 28mm diameter.

For vapers obsessed with achieving the biggest clouds and boldest flavor possible from a sub ohm tank, the TFV9 sits at the peak.

Join vapers worldwide who rely on SmokTech’s innovation and boundary pushing performance. The TFV legacy only gets bigger and better in 2023 and beyond!

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SMOK TFV16 Tank Kit
SMOK TFV16 Tank Kit


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