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SMOK G-16 Replacement Coils – 5PK


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SMOK G-16 DC 0.6ohm Replacement Coils – 5 Pack

Take your vaping experience to the next level with the SMOK G-16 DC 0.6ohm Replacement Coils. This 5-pack of powerful mesh coils is specially designed for the SMOK G-16 Pod System, delivering exceptional flavor and vapor production with each puff. The advanced coil structure vaporizes e-juice quickly and evenly for dense, flavorful clouds. Wide wicking ports ensure a steady supply of juice to prevent dry or burnt hits. Experience the versatility to customize your vaping – adjust airflow for loose MTL or tight, restricted DTL inhales.

Key Features:

  • 5x Replacement Coils for the SMOK G-16 Pod Kit
  • DC 0.6ohm Resistance
  • Mesh Coil Structure
  • Organic Cotton Wicking
  • Powerful Flavor & Vapor
  • Long-Lasting Coil Life
  • Wide Juice Ports
  • Press-Fit Installation
  • Compatible with Other SMOK Pod Systems
With remarkable longevity and consistently smooth performance, these are the perfect replacement coils for your SMOK G-16. The 5-pack means you??ll always have a fresh coil on hand for amazing flavor and vapor all day long.

Incredible Flavor & Vapor

The G-16 coils are engineered to produce outstanding flavor and dense vapor. The proprietary mesh heating element has a large surface area that rapidly and evenly heats e-liquid. This creates abundant vapor from the very first puff. More vapor means more flavor contact with your taste buds. E-juice profiles shine through with clarity and authentic nuances. Fruit flavors burst with juiciness and creamy dessert flavors coat your mouth with luscious richness. These coils can handle high wattages with ease for intensely satisfying hits. At the maximum 25W output of the SMOK G-16 battery, vapor pours out thick and smooth.

Smooth, Even Heating

Smooth draw activation is essential to great vaping and flavor. The G-16 coils excel here with their vertical mesh heating element and organic cotton wicking. As you inhale, air is drawn vertically up through the center of the coil. This aligns perfectly with the direction of your draw for instant vapor production. The mesh wire evenly heats juice across its surface area for a consistent vape at any wattage. The organic cotton wick is tightly packed inside the coil case to fully saturate the mesh with e-liquid. It has the perfect blend of absorbency and stiffness to avoid leakage or spit back. Overall, the coils deliver smooth, consistent air flow and vapor at any draw length.

Versatile Vaping Styles

The SMOK G-16 battery has a versatile airflow design that lets you customize your vaping style. Rotate the pod to expose one, two or three airflow holes. With all three open, the draw is airy for loose mouth-to-lung inhales. Close one or two holes for a tighter, more restrictive direct lung hit. The 0.6ohm coil resistance provides a balance of vapor density and throat hit intensity. This makes the coils great for both MTL and DTL vaping depending on your airflow adjustment. Cater your vape to your personal preferences.

Leak Protection

E-juice leaks can ruin your vaping experience, not to mention make a mess of your device and hands. The G-16 coils are designed to prevent leaks even under intense vaping conditions. Tight seals prevent juice from escaping between coil components. Press-fit installation keeps the coil securely situated in the pod. Extra absorption material in the base of the coil chamber soaks up and contains stray e-liquid. The vertical coil orientation prevents flooding, while the placement of the airflow holes avoids leakage through those openings. Overall, the leak-resistant design will keep your device clean during operation and storage.

Quick & Easy Coil Changes

The G-16 coils use a convenient press-fit installation that makes coil changes fast and hassle-free. Simply remove the pod, pop out the old coil, and press a new on in place by the stem. Correct installation depth is ensured by the steppedempty coil chamber. Re-wicking isn??t necessary between coil swaps. Insert a fresh coil and you??re ready to resume vaping in seconds with a clean wick and renewed performance. The 5-pack of coils gives you plenty of spares to rewick whenever you notice flavor or vapor decline. Keep extra pods pre-loaded with fresh coils for the easiest on-the-go coil replacements.

Long-Lasting Durability

Each of these high-performance coils provides outstanding longevity. The precise composition of cotton and mesh is tuned for the juice flow rate and power output. This optimizes efficiency to make e-liquid and battery power last. Under normal use, the coils typically last for weeks of vaping before needing to be changed. You get up to 300 puffs per coil. Of course, sweeter e-juice blends and higher wattages decrease lifespan more quickly. Either way, the 5-pack has you covered for long-term use. The coils deliver consistentflavor and vapor from first install through to end of life.

SMOK G-16 Coil Specs:

  • Resistance: 0.6ohm
  • Recommended Wattage: 12-25W
  • Cotton Wicking Material
  • Vertical Mesh Heating Element
  • Press-Fit Installation
  • Juice Flow Holes
  • 510 Drip Tip Connector
  • Outer Diameter: 10.5mm
  • Total Length: 18.5mm
Give your SMOK G-16 a flavor and vapor boost with these phenomenal replacement coils. The 5-pack ensures you’ll have enough on hand for weeks of sensational vaping!

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SMOK G-16 Replacement Coils – 5PK
SMOK G-16 Replacement Coils – 5PK


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