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PuffCo The Hot Knife


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PuffCo Hot Knife – Portable Electric Dabbing Tool

Take your dabbing experience to the next level with the PuffCo Hot Knife! This electric dab tool revolutionizes wax concentrates with precise temperature control and unmatched convenience. Simply load your material, press heat, and let the Hot Knife do the work for you.

Intelligent Thermal System

At the core of the Hot Knife lies an advanced thermal control system. Built-in sensors actively regulate the ceramic tip’s temperature to maintain the perfect consistency for handling waxes and oils. The optimized temperature range (400??F-800??F) ensures your concentrates melt and vape cleanly without burning or wasting any material. Precision engineering prevents overheating the ceramic.

Simple, Mess-Free Loading

Loading the PuffCo Hot Knife couldn’t be easier. Dip the smooth ceramic tip into your favorite waxes, shatters, badders or rosins to scoop up the ideal amount. The concentrates effortlessly adhere without sticking or making a mess. Then simply hover the knife over your heated nail, banger or bucket, and press the button to activate the heat. Your loaded concentrate gently melts off the tip and perfectly doses your rig or dab pen. It’s that easy!

Portable & Rechargeable

The PuffCo Hot Knife features a slim, pen-shaped design for optimal portability. It operates wirelessly via an integrated rechargeable battery, so there are no cumbersome wires or lengthy startup times. A full charge powers up to 50 dabs, providing cordless convenience anytime, anywhere. The USB-C charging port offers rapid rejuicing in just 30 minutes. The intuitive LED interface displays charging status and battery level. Fully loaded, the Hot Knife delivers days of dabbing on the go.

Instant Material Activation

Traditional dab tools require you to manually pre-heat your concentrates using a torch. The PuffCo Hot Knife eliminates this tedious extra step. Just press the button to engage the instant heat – no flame required! Within seconds, the ceramic tip reaches the ideal temperature for melting waxes and oils on contact. As you hover over your nail, the material gently drips onto the super-heated surface for immediate vaporization. It’s effortlessly instant and efficient.

Flavor & Smoothness

The strategic thermal system maintains a precise temperature range that activates your concentrates without burning. This preserves the delicate terpene flavors and aromas that get destroyed through combustion. Every hit tastes ultra-pure. Lower temps also eliminate the harshness and throat irritation caused by excessively hot dabs. You’ll be amazed at how smooth the vapor feels. Flavor and smoothness – you get the best of both worlds with the Hot Knife.

Simple Single-Button Control

The Hot Knife’s streamlined design features a single tactile button for easy operation.
  • Press once to turn on the power and engage heating.
  • Press again to stop heating and standby mode.
  • Long hold the button for 2 seconds at any time to fully power off.
Intuitive one-button functionality makes this electric dab tool incredibly easy to use. Just load, heat, and dose your rig – it takes all the hassle out of dabbing on the go!

Highly Efficient Ceramic Tip

The PuffCo Hot Knife utilizes an innovative ceramic heating element to deliver maximum performance. The ultra-smooth ceramic surface improves scooping and melt action. Ceramic also provides rapid, highly efficient heat transfer for quick activation times. It’s far superior to metal tips that take ages to reach optimal dab temps. The space-age heating tech makes the Hot Knife the most advanced portable dabbing tool available.

Minimizes Cross-Contamination

The isolated ceramic tip prevents material cross-contamination. Concentrates only contact the very end, keeping the stainless steel handle clean. This helps maintain flavor clarity between different strains. The non-porous ceramic is also resistant to residue buildup. A quick post-session wipe down with an iso wipe keeps your Hot Knife spotless.

Durable, Premium Build

From the stainless steel chassis to the tactile rubber grip, the PuffCo Hot Knife exudes quality craftsmanship. It’s built from medical-grade materials to withstand daily use. The precision aluminum tip offers rapid, even heating. Innovative use of ceramics ensure the exterior stays cool while the tip reaches dabbing temps. Top-tier engineering gives the Hot Knife a premium look and feel.

Ergonomic Handling

The oval contouring feels incredibly comfortable held between fingers. The textured grip creates a secure, slip-free hold. The lightweight build allows effortless maneuvering. Every handling detail has been carefully considered for real world use.

Complete Portable Kit

The PuffCo Hot Knife comes in a convenient carry case containing:
  • 1x PuffCo Hot Knife
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 4x Cotton swabs
  • 1x ISO wipe sachet
  • 1x Dab tool
You get everything needed for simple, mess-free dabbing on the go. No rig required! Take flavor and convenience to new heights with the game-changing PuffCo Hot Knife – the ultimate electric companion for waxes and oils!

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PuffCo The Hot Knife
PuffCo The Hot Knife


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