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PuffCo Proxy Kit


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PuffCo Proxy Kit – Premium Portable E-Pipe Vaporizer for Waxes & Oils


Experience modern vaporization with a vintage vibe using the PuffCo Proxy Kit. This innovative e-pipe pairs the convenience of an advanced battery with the timeless style of a tobacco pipe. Discreet yet powerful, the Proxy vaporizes waxes and oils for huge tasty hits with sleek simplicity. The Proxy stands out with its ceramic heating chamber shaped like a vintage pipe bowl. A glass stem attaches to the base battery contributing to the classic aesthetic. Inside, advanced technology and temperature control deliver effortless vaporization at the push of a button. With pre-programmed heating modes, a sealed ceramic bowl, and generous battery, the Proxy Kit perfects portability for concentrates. It’s the ultimate anytime, anywhere vaporizer.


  • Styled like a classic tobacco pipe
  • Glass stem and ceramic bowl
  • Rapid 30-second heat up
  • 1350mAh battery for all day vaping
  • 1.5 hour quick charging via USB-C
  • Pre-set low, medium, high, and peak temps
  • Boost mode for maximum vapor
  • Premium sealed ceramic chamber
  • Easy loading and cleaning
  • Haptic feedback and LEDs
  • Portable and discreet
  • Smooth flavorful hits
The Proxy beautifully balances form and function. Its throwback epipe exterior houses cutting edge technology for vaporizing waxes, oils, and liquids with precision. The 1350mAh battery provides generous capacity for sessions on the go, and charges rapidly via USB-C when needed. With preset heat modes and advanced heating, the Proxy delivers surprising performance.

What’s Included

The complete PuffCo Proxy Kit includes:
  • 1x Proxy Battery Base
  • 1x Proxy Glass Stem
  • 1x Proxy Ceramic Chamber
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Carb Cap Dual Tool
  • 1x USB-C Charger Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Protective Carrying Case

How to Use

Enjoying pure tasty vapor from the Proxy is simple:
  1. Open kit and charge battery if needed. Takes 1.5 hours for full charge.
  2. Carefully load wax, oil, or ejuice into ceramic chamber.
  3. Twist chamber into bottom of glass stem. Attach to battery base.
  4. Rapidly click power button twice to heat on default setting.
  5. Hold carb and inhale slowly to draw dense flavorful vapor.
  6. Tap power button to cycle through temperature presets.
  7. Tap 4 times rapidly to enable Boost for richest vapor.
  8. Swab residue after use and replace chamber when buildup occurs.
It only takes moments to load up the Proxy and start enjoying pure comfortable vapor. The preset temperatures make dialing in your perfect settings easy.

Maintenance Tips

Keep your Proxy performing like new with proper care:
  • Fully charge battery each night for optimal longevity.
  • When not in use, store components separately in carrying case.
  • Over time, carefully clean case threads and connection points with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Replace ceramic chamber once buildup or residue occurs.
  • Only use original charging cable and keep connection clean.
  • Avoid extreme heat and liquid in battery base. Glass and ceramic are fragile.
  • Periodically inspect o-rings and seals replace if damaged or worn.
Follow these tips and your Proxy will deliver amazing sessions for years to come.

Pros & Cons

Here are the main benefits and drawbacks of the PuffCo Proxy vaporizer: Pros
  • Stylish discreet pipe design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Generous 1350mAh battery
  • Rapid 30-second heat up
  • Preset and adjustable temperatures
  • Premium ceramic chamber
  • Pure flavor from glass vapor path
  • Easy loading and maintenance
  • Durable carrying case included
  • Glass components are fragile if dropped
  • Fixed batteries degrade over time
  • Relatively short 1.5 hour battery life
  • Learning curve to use carb control
  • No water filtration option
For an advanced portable e-pipe, the Proxy delivers excellent performance and value despite a few minor limitations.

Who It’s For

The PuffCo Proxy Kit suits vapers looking for:
  • Ultra discreet portable vaporizer
  • Style and performance of a tobacco pipe
  • Quick on demand concentrate sessions
  • Wax pen alternative with more power
  • Vintage look with modern function
  • All day battery life away from chargers
  • Pure flavor experience
  • Easy pre-set temperature control
  • Premium components in a kit
Stealthy yet capable, the Proxy epipe hits the mark for vapers prioritizing discretion without sacrificing vapor quality. The classic pipe facade discreetly houses some of PuffCo’s most advanced technology for truly pocket-friendly vaping.

Compared to Lookah

PuffCo and Lookah both make quality electronic pipe vaporizers, but differ in a few key ways: Lookah pipes mimic traditional wooden pipe designs more closely but have shorter battery life. They offer more options like water filtration. PuffCo Proxy has a more streamlined original design focused solely on portable vaporization. It has a stronger battery and chamber for purer flavor. For those strictly wanting a classic epipe aesthetic, Lookah offers more variety. But the Proxy better balances form and function for a potent everyday carry vaporizer.

What Customers Are Saying

With a 4.8 out of 5 star average rating, PuffCo Proxy owners love it for its performance and discretion: ?? “This gives me the tobacco pipe experience I was looking for with the convenience of a vape pen. Best of both worlds!” ?? “The battery life and ease of loading on the go can’t be beat. Way better than other e-pipes I’ve tried.” ?? “Awesome flavor and vapor production from the ceramic chamber. Super smooth hits.” ?? “Heats up fast and produces dense tasty clouds. The presets make it easy to get perfect temps.” Critical feedback is rare but a couple users pointed out: ?? “Glass parts are really fragile. I broke the stem almost immediately.” ?? “The shape isn’t quite convincing as a tobacco pipe up close but performance is great.” Overall, the vast majority agree the Proxy delivers impressive function wrapped in a discreet nostalgic facade.

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PuffCo Proxy Kit
PuffCo Proxy Kit


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