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PuffCo Proxy Bub 1PK


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PuffCo Proxy Bub – Premium Water Filtration for Smooth, Cool Hits

Take your PuffCo Proxy experience to the next level with the PuffCo Proxy Bub. This innovative water filtration attachment delivers chilled vapor and enhanced flavor. The borosilicate glass construction filters impurities for a purer vaping session. Keep reading to learn how the Proxy Bub can maximize the potential of your Proxy vaporizer.

Advanced Filtration Technology

At the core of the Proxy Bub lies a percolator water filtration system. Strategically engineered percs diffuse vapor through water to achieve smoother hits. Dynamic bubbles provide superior cooling and moisture conditioning. You’ll enjoy thick, chilled puffs full of flavor. The vapor path has been carefully calculated for optimal diffusion. Airflows through the chambers efficiently while retaining density. You get the full spectrum of flavors and effects without restriction. Dual inline percolators create an unrivaled cooling effect. Smooth rips slide easily over your palate. The Proxy Bub tames the harshest concentrates for comfortable extended sessions.

Premium Borosilicate Construction

The Proxy Bub utilizes thick, lab-grade borosilicate glass handcrafted to perfection. Borosilicate is known for thermal stability and reduced thermal expansion. This means you can use the Bub worry-free without shock from extreme temperature changes. High-quality borosilicate also resists staining and odors. Your Bub will maintain its pristine clarity even after repeat uses. No lingering tastes or cloudiness will accumulate. Finally, borosilicate glass is less porous than traditional soda lime glass. This prevents microscopic contaminants from clinging to the interior surfaces. You’ll benefit from pure, untainted vapor every single time.

Easy to Setup and Use

Connecting the Proxy Bub takes just seconds. Simply attach it to the top of your PuffCo Proxy battery where the mouthpiece sits. The joint fits securely in place. Fill the Bub’s water chamber until just above the percolator slits. Then load your material into the Proxy vapor path as usual. Power up the Proxy and start enjoying those refreshing hits! When your session is over, dump out the water and rinse the Bub. Let it air dry before stowing and you’re ready for the next use. It doesn’t get much easier!

Compact and Discreet

The Proxy Bub maintains the sleek, low-profile silhouette of the Proxy vaporizer. Despite the water cooling effects, it adds less than 2 inches of height. The Bub can still easily slip into a pocket or bag for transport. For ultra-discreet sipping, the Bub mouthpiece detaches just like the standard Proxy’s. Microdosing on the go has never been classier. The elegant shape won’t attract unwanted attention. The Proxy Bub also cleans up nice after use. No one will suspect it’s more than an ordinary pocket-sized water pipe. Keep your vaping on the down low with this sneaky accessory.

Dose Consistently Day After Day

Consistency and repeatability are key when medicating or microdosing. The Proxy Bub delivers reliable dosing thanks to the Proxy vaporizer’s smart technology. An embedded sensor maintains the perfect temperature to vaporize your material fully and evenly. No charring or combustion occurs; just pure vaporization. Load the same amount of concentrate each session for predictable effects. The Proxy Bub ensures you get the absolute most out of your materials. Waste no more medicine or botanicals!

What’s Included

The PuffCo Proxy Bub package includes:
  • 1x Proxy Bub water filtration attachment
  • 1x Handling tool
  • 1x Cleaning plug
  • 1x User manual
No batteries or power sources are included. The Proxy Bub is powered solely by the PuffCo Proxy vaporizer (sold separately).

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.5″ height x 0.9″ diameter
  • Joint size: 10mm tapered
  • Borosilicate glass construction
  • Inline perc water filtration
  • Compatible with PuffCo Proxy only

For Ultimate Satisfaction

The PuffCo Proxy Bub enhances the vapor quality tenfold. Chilled, filtered hits refresh your palate and delight your tastebuds. Rediscover the subtleties of your favorite strains and concentrates. Every component meets PuffCo’s strict quality standards. It carries a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Contact PuffCo customer support for any product issues. Try the Proxy Bub risk-free to amplify the potential of your Proxy. If it’s not 100% satisfying, returns are accepted within 30 days. Go ahead and elevate your vaping experience today!

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PuffCo Proxy Bub 1PK
PuffCo Proxy Bub 1PK


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