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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk


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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber – Next Generation Ceramic Bowl

Revolutionize your dabbing with the game-changing PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber. This innovative atomizer unlocks even heating, ultimate flavor, and easy cleaning in one stunning ceramic bowl. Discover why the 3D Chamber sets a new standard for dab performance.

Total Bowl Heating

The Proxy 3D Chamber utilizes patent pending 3D heating technology to deliver fully enveloping heat across the entire bowl surface – including the sides and bottom. Embedded heat tracing coils wrap around the inner walls to surround your material in gentle, even thermal energy rather than harsh direct contact. You get no more scorching hot spots or wasted oil stuck to cold zones. Omnidirectional heating unlocks fuller flavor and effects by vaping your concentrate completely. Take bigger draws while preserving terpenes and potency. The 3D chamber holds up to 0.5g for epic, eye-watering hits. No other atomizer heats so uniformly and efficiently. The pioneering 3D technology represents a quantum leap for dabbing performance.

Premium Ceramic Composition

The 3D chamber is constructed entirely from medical-grade zirconia ceramic rated for high temperatures. The ultra-smooth ceramic surface prevents residue buildup so flavors always come through pure and impressive cleaning is a breeze. Zirconia ceramic boasts unmatched thermal stability to deliver precise, consistent heating during extended sessions. You always get ideal low-temperature dabbing that preserves terpenes and flavors. The proprietary ceramic formula is completely non-porous, inert, and non-reactive. It won’t degrade over time or leach any unwanted tastes or chemicals. You enjoy pristine vapor purity. Experience the difference premium materials make. The Proxy 3D chamber’s zirconia ceramic takes dabs to a new level of performance.

Seamless, Tool-Free Loading

The PuffCo Proxy features an innovative open-top, funnel-shaped bowl optimized for dab tool loading. Use any dab tool to drop concentrates directly into the wide top opening – no pre-heating or removal required. The funnel shape guides oils smoothly down the walls into an evenly dispersed puddle for perfect low-temp dabbing every time. No more wasting your supply struggling to load a hot nail. Drop, cap, and dab. The 3D chamber’s seamless loading revolutionizes the entire process. You spend less time prepping and more time enjoying huge rips.

Intelligent Temperature Calibration

The Proxy 3D Chamber intelligently auto-calibrates heating to reach your desired temperature rapidly then hold it with unparalleled accuracy. Built-in microchip technology monitors conditions 100x per second and makes constant micro-adjustments to maintain flawless temperature control. The precision heating algorithm eliminates temperature spikes and plummets. Set it and forget it. The smart chamber delivers your chosen temp with pinpoint precision for the entire session. You always get the ideal low-temperature dab to preserve flavor and actives.

Durable Construction to Last

The 3D Chamber utilizes premium materials like heat-treated aluminum nitride and zirconia ceramic to ensure unmatched durability for years of regular dabbing. Aluminum nitride is specially formulated to withstand thermal shock and rapid heating cycles without cracking or fracturing over time. You get the reliability of an OEM piece with aftermarket performance. Zirconia ceramic rates a formidable 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it exceptionally scratch and shatter resistant. The smooth ceramic bowl maintains its flawless finish through thousands of uses. Each component is engineered for extreme durability to keep you satisfied with superb performance in the long run. The 3D chamber will quickly become your go-to forever.

Compatible With Most Rigs

The Proxy 3D Chamber fits any rig with a 14mm or 18mm female joint. Single-piece construction creates an airtight seal for maximum vapor production. Quick attachment takes just seconds to drop into your favorite water pipe or eRig. Strong friction fit keeps the chamber securely in place while allowing easy removal for cleaning and loading. Engineered for universal compatibility, you can elevate any setup with the 3D Chamber’s elite heating. Take your existing gear to the next level without buying a dedicated erig.

Premium Box Contents:

  • 1x PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Storage Container
  • 1x Ceramic Pick
  • 1x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1x User Guide

Next Generation Dabbing Delivered

Take dabbing into uncharted territory with the Proxy 3D Chamber. Experience effortless loading, omnidirectional heating, unmatched flavor, and simple maintenance in an atomizer built to last. Dab like never before. The pioneering 3D Chamber unlocks a new frontier of performance and convenience. Your oil will never taste better.

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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk
PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk


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