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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk


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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber – Enhanced Heating for Thick Clouds

Take your PuffCo Proxy experience to the next level with the 3D Chamber. This enhanced atomizer unlocks the full potential of your Proxy eRig, delivering thicker, tastier vapor clouds for amazing dab sessions. Engineered by PuffCo for optimal functionality with the Proxy base unit.

Immersive Heating from All Angles

The 3D Chamber gets its name from the unique 3-dimensional heating experience. Instead of just heating from the bottom, embedded coils wrap around the inner side walls of the ceramic bowl. This provides gentle, even heat from all angles to surround your concentrates for the perfect low-temp dab. Smooth waves of flavorful vapor form as extracts melt and vaporize efficiently. You’ll be amazed at the cloud production from such a compact unit. The bowl shape and heating configuration prevents concentrate from sticking to the sides too. Cleaning is easy with a simple q-tip swab to restore the pristine white ceramic after each dab. Just be sure to wait for it to fully cool first!

Intelligent Heat Tracing Technology

PuffCo developed intelligent heat tracing technology specifically for use in the 3D Chamber. Multiple coils are embedded into the ceramic along the side walls and base. These heating elements are precisely arranged to distribute smooth, enveloping heat throughout the bowl. A microchip monitors the chamber temperature in real time and makes constant adjustments to the power going to each coil. Rather than blindly feeding energy like some e-rigs, this smart technology maintains the exact temp you dial in. This results in the perfect low temp dab each and every time. The default temperature setting is 500??F which gives a nice balance of rich flavor and light vapor. You can customize the profile from 450-700??F to suit your personal preference using the Proxy controls.

Unbeatable Performance from the Proxy 3D Chamber

Overall, the 3D chamber delivers significant benefits that enhance the entire experience:
  • Surrounding Heat – Coils on sides and bottom wrap concentrates in gentle warmth for full vaporization.
  • Huge Rips – Bigger draws and vapor volume than the standard chamber.
  • Pure Flavor – Low temp dabs preserve taste nuances lost at higher temps.
  • No Hot Spots – Fully and evenly heated so no burnt or wasted concentrate.
  • Easy Maintenance – Q-tip swab to clean. Drop in iso alcohol periodically.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control – Auto adjusts coil input to maintain set temp.
The 3D chamber is purpose built to get the absolute most out of the innovative Proxy platform. Expect flavor and smoothness rivaling much larger and more expensive e-rigs!

Peak Atomizer Performance in a Compact Size

PuffCo is well known for packing peak performance into impressively small devices. The Proxy maintained this heritage but the 3D chamber pushes it up another notch. Despite the miniature size, it produces dabbing experiences on par with desktop e-rigs. Inside the chamber, carefully engineered ceramic and embedded coils optimize heating within the limited space. Intelligent temperature control ensures precise heating every single time. So don’t let the compact size fool you – the 3D chamber delivers mighty vapor!

Why Choose the PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber?

Here are some of the standout benefits that make the 3D chamber a must-have upgrade for Proxy owners:
  • Engineered specifically for the Proxy eRig
  • Custom heating technology for thick, flavorful hits
  • Surrounding heat from dual sidewall & bottom coils
  • Intelligent temp control for precision heating
  • Bigger draws and vapor production
  • Preserves terpenes and flavor nuances
  • Prevents concentrate burning or sticking
  • Simple maintenance with q-tip swabs
  • Optimized heating in a compact footprint

What’s Included

PuffCo packages the 3D Chamber securely to prevent damage during shipping. Each box includes:
  • 1 x PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x Cotton Swabs
  • 1 x Dabber Tool
  • Instructions
You get everything needed to start enjoying this amazing atomizer right away!

Get the Most from Your PuffCo Proxy

The innovative Proxy eRig is already an impressive concentrate vaping system right out of the box. But the 3D Chamber accessory unlocks its full potential for even bigger, tastier hits. Here are some tips to get the most performance from your Proxy with the 3D Chamber:
  • Always load concentrates when the chamber is at room temp
  • Start with smaller dabs while learning heat up times
  • Allow 30-60 seconds of heat soak for best vaporization
  • Gradually increase temp to balance flavor and cloud size
  • Swab the bowl clean after each dab to prevent residue buildup
  • Check coils and replace if resistance rises or heating weakens
  • Periodically deep clean the chamber with iso to fully refresh
Taking a little time to experiment with temps and loading amounts will pay off with ideal hits each session. Keep the 3D chamber in peak condition and it will deliver amazing performance every time you grab your Proxy!

Get More from Your Concentrates with PuffCo

PuffCo aims to help you experience the full flavor and effects of your favorite concentrates. That driving ethos led them to become an industry leader in concentrate vaporizers. The Proxy 3D Chamber lives up to that goal by optimizing heating and vapor production. Now everyone from casual users to dabbing devotees can unlock new levels of flavor and potency. All in a device that fits neatly in your pocket for vaping anywhere life takes you. Backed by a 1 year warranty, the Proxy 3D Chamber provides value for years of service. Pick one up today to enhance your Proxy and get the ultimate experience from every drop of concentrate!

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PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk
PuffCo Proxy 3D Chamber 1pk


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