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PuffCo Plus Mouthpiece Replacement 1pk


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PuffCo Plus Mouthpiece Replacement – 1 Pack

Keep your PuffCo Plus performing like new with the official PuffCo replacement mouthpiece. Engineered to lock in flavor and function, this upgraded mouthpiece attachment helps restore your Plus to factory freshness. The proprietary silicone and plastic mouthpiece attaches securely to seal in vapor for the richest flavor and hardest hits. A single pack provides one replacement mouthpiece to swap out when your current tip becomes damaged or dirty. Continue enjoying smooth, flavorful sessions anywhere with this essential PuffCo Plus accessory. Read on to learn how an authentic replacement mouthpiece enhances performance.

Designed Exclusively for the PuffCo Plus

This replacement mouthpiece attaches firmly onto the heating chamber of the PuffCo Plus battery. The inner silicone seal and outer plastic grip work together to seal vapor and remove for cleaning. Precisely engineered with PuffCo??s innovative vapor path, the mouthpiece focuses flavor while preventing leakage. Improved airflow cools each hit for smooth inhalation. The snug fit also protects your Plus if accidentally dropped while the mouthpiece is attached. Don’t compromise performance with universal tips – this model is engineered solely for the Plus.

Refresh Your PuffCo Plus Performance

Over time, residue buildup and chipping can diminish the function of your original PuffCo Plus mouthpiece. Visible dirt impacts flavor purity while cracks compromise the airtight seal. Restore your Plus??s performance with this authentic replacement tip. The leak-proof silicone gasket and unobstructed vapor path return each hit to crisp, white clouds overflowing with flavor. Just soak and rinse your current mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol as needed. Swapping in a fresh piece brings back that pristine vaping experience. Keep extra mouthpieces on hand for easy replacements.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

When shared with friends or passed between strains, the mouthpiece takes a beating. Oil residue and germs accumulate inside the tip from contact with lips. Swap in a sanitized replacement to practice proper hygiene between users or batches of material. Soak used mouthpieces in isopropyl alcohol before rinsing. The smooth, non-porous plastic won’t trap lingering odors or flavors inside the crevices. Keep your PuffCo Plus tasting clean with a fresh new mouthpiece.

Official PuffCo Plus Accessory

Don’t settle for generic third party mouthpieces. This exclusive accessory meets PuffCo??s rigorous quality standards for unmatched performance. Engineered for a precise, airtight fit, the mouthpiece delivers:
  • Pure flavor – Non-porous materials prevent absorption
  • Cool vapor – Inner ridge focuses airflow
  • Secure seal – Leakproof sleeve locks onto heating chamber
  • Easy cleaning – Detachable tip is simple to soak and rinse
  • OEM quality – Built to PuffCo’s exact specifications
Experience the PuffCo difference and refresh your Plus with the official replacement mouthpiece. Share and maintain your vaporizer with confidence.

What’s Included

Each pack comes with:
  • 1x PuffCo Plus mouthpiece
  • Instructions for use
Simply remove your current mouthpiece and firmly press on the replacement for an instant refresh. Keep extra mouthpieces on hand so you always have a clean one ready to go.

Breathe New Life Into Your PuffCo Plus

Bring your Plus back to optimal function with an authentic PuffCo replacement mouthpiece. Just one affordable upgrade makes your vaporizer hit like new again.
  • Engineered solely for the PuffCo Plus
  • Restores flavor clarity and vapor density
  • Leakproof design focuses airflow
  • Practice proper hygiene between uses
  • Maintain performance over time
With heavy use, the original mouthpiece wears down. Refresh your Plus periodically with this easy swap-out accessory direct from PuffCo.

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PuffCo Plus Mouthpiece Replacement 1pk
PuffCo Plus Mouthpiece Replacement 1pk


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