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PuffCo Plus Kit


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PuffCo Plus Vaporizer – Premium Portable Dab Pen

The PuffCo Plus Vaporizer raises the bar for portable wax pens. Engineered for optimal potency and flavor, this innovative vaporizer transforms the concentrate experience. Read on to see what makes the PuffCo Plus a cut above the rest.

Award Winning Design

The PuffCo Plus Vaporizer has won numerous awards for its innovative design and performance. It’s the only vaporizer to win High Times Best Vape Pen, Best Hit, Best Features, and Best Innovation – an unprecedented achievement. The PuffCo Plus has been lauded by critics and consumers alike as one of the best wax pens ever engineered.

Smart Temperature Control

An integrated battery powers the Puffco Plus Vaporizer’s advanced heating system. Three temperature settings let you customize sessions:
  • Low (450??F) – for mild, flavorful hits
  • Medium (500??F) – optimal balance of flavor and potency
  • High (600??F) – maximum vapor production
Adjust temperatures via the single button interface to find your perfect heat level. The strategic temperature range maximizes vapor production from waxes and oils without combusting.

Sesh Mode

The sesh mode keeps the chamber heated for 12 seconds between draws, allowing you to enjoy continuous puffing without re-heating. This creates an uninterrupted vaping experience perfect for group sessions or when you want thick, rapid hits.

Coil-less Ceramic Bowl

In the heart of the Puffco Plus lies an innovative coil-less ceramic bowl. Most pens use wrapped coils that expose your material to metal and solder. The PuffCo Plus Vaporizer’s ceramic chamber provides pure flavor and heating. This inert bowl brings out the intricate notes and aromas of your concentrates without any metallic aftertaste.

Pressure Seal for Maximum Potency

Puffco engineered a pressure-fit mouthpiece that seals closed when not in use. This creates a near-airtight environment that prevents your waxy oils from drying out or losing potency. Locked inside the chamber, flavors and aromas remain preserved providing fresh, potent hits every use.

Even Heating, Zero Hot Spots

Precision machined from medical-grade materials, the ceramic bowl offers exceptional heating performance. Waxes melt and vaporize evenly across the entire chamber surface area with no hot spots. This ensures your material is used efficiently without any burning or wasting.

Built-in Carb Cap

The mouthpiece conveniently includes an integrated carb cap for amplified vapor production. Just slide the carb top open while inhaling to increase airflow and stack monster hits. Closing it before your hit pre-melts your concentrates using residual heat. This boosts potency and flavor for expert-level vaporization.

Convenient 3-in-1 Design

The innovative mouthpiece pulls triple duty as a snap-on cover, as well as a built-in loading tool and carb cap. Just dip the integrated dart into your wax, oils or budder and it pre-loads the material directly into the chamber. This streamlined, all-in-one design is brilliantly simple and intuitive.

Portable and Discreet

Measuring just 3.8 inches tall and 0.55 inches in diameter, the PuffCo Plus Vaporizer boasts a slim pen-style form factor. It feels exceptionally light in hand and pockets nicely. With no loose parts or glass attachments, it travels safely wherever you go. The sleek, low-key design prevents attracting attention.

Simple Single-Button Controls

An elegantly minimalist single button controls on/off functions and temperature settings. Press rapidly 5 times to power on/off. Press 3 times to cycle between temp levels indicated by LED lights. Easy to operate even after a sesh!

Durable, Premium Construction

Built from durable anodized aluminum, the PuffCo Plus Vaporizer feels sturdy and solid. The aluminum body dissipates heat to prevent overheating. Rubber grips add comfort while preventing slippage. A finish-protecting scratch resistant coating maintains a pristine look over time. The entire vaporizer is also water resistant.

Easy Loading & Cleaning

Loading wax is as simple as dipping the dart into your concentrate and inserting into the chamber. The ceramic bowl is designed so material only touches the flat ceramic heating surface below the airpath, preventing clogs. Q-tip swabbing keeps the chamber clean. The mouthpiece also detaches easily for ISO alcohol soaks.

Complete Kit

The PuffCo Plus kit comes with:
  • 1x PuffCo Plus vaporizer (battery, ceramic chamber)
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Loading tool dart
  • 1x Chamber removal tool
  • 1x Micro-USB charger
  • 3x Extra ceramic chambers
  • 4x Cotton swabs
  • 1x Cleaning brush
You get everything needed for simple on-the-go dabbing! Take your concentrates to new heights with the PuffCo Plus Vaporizer! This high tech portable pen elevates wax and oil sessions with unmatched convenience and top-tier vapor production.

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PuffCo Plus Kit
PuffCo Plus Kit


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