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PuffCo Budsy Kit water bubbler for herbs.


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PuffCo Budsy Kit – Portable Water Bubbler for Smooth Dry Herb Sessions


Take your dry herb vaping to the next level with the PuffCo Budsy Kit. This innovative all-in-one water bubbler delivers cool, filtered hits from the convenience of a compact handheld design. Finally experience the smoothness and flavor of water filtration anywhere you go! The Budsy transforms dry vaping with its bubbler attachment that connects to any standard dry herb bowl. An internal gravity pulser creates suction to pull vapor through water for an ultra smooth hit. All the components neatly store inside the leakproof container, making Budsy the ultimate portable water pipe.


  • Gravity pulser draws vapor through water
  • Bubbler attachment enhances smoothness
  • Discreet handheld design is ultra portable
  • Fits any 10mm or 14mm dry herb bowls
  • Internal storage for parts and accessories
  • BPA-free TritanTM plastic construction
  • Food-grade silicone mouthpiece
  • Removators diffuse vapor for huge milky hits
  • Easy to fill, use, and clean
  • Works with all dry herb vapes and water pipes
Engineered for mobility and performance, the PuffCo Budsy Kit finally brings the cool smoothness of water filtration to your portable vaping sessions. The innovative gravity pulser generates suction through the bubbler attachment for noticeably smoother vapor that retains robust flavor. All parts securely store inside the container for ultimate portability.

What’s in the Box?

The PuffCo Budsy Kit comes with everything needed for incredible portable dry vaping:
  • 1x Budsy Pulser Body
  • 1x Budsy Lid
  • 1x Budsy Base
  • 1x Budsy Bubbler Attachment
  • 2x Budsy Removators
  • 1x Budsy Carrying Strap

How to Use

Using the Budsy kit to level up your dry herb vaping is simple:
  1. Open kit and fill base with water up to fill line.
  2. Insert bubbler attachment into rubber grommet on lid.
  3. Grind herb and load into your dry vape bowl or pipe. Attach bowl to bubbler.
  4. Place lid on base and inhale slowly from mouthpiece while pulser activates.
  5. Add Removators to lid for bigger smoother hits. Adjust water to fine tune.
  6. Empty water after use and rinse components to keep clean.
It’s that easy to go from harsh dry hits to supremely smooth vapor. The Budsy enhances any dry vaping experience!

Maintenance Tips

With proper care your Budsy kit will deliver smooth vapor for years:
  • Fully rinse and air dry all parts after each use to keep fresh and prevent buildup.
  • Over time, soak parts overnight in isopropyl alcohol if any residue accumulates.
  • Inspect o-rings occasionally and replace if drying out. This maintains an airtight seal.
  • Avoid dropping or exposing to extreme temperatures.
  • When storing, disassemble lid and keep out of direct sunlight.
Follow these tips and your Budsy will continue performing like new.

Pros & Cons

Here are the main advantages and limitations of the PuffCo Budsy water bubbler: Pros
  • Provides water filtration portably
  • Gravity pulser creates smooth suction
  • Discreet handheld all-in-one design
  • Fits 10mm or 19mm dry herb bowls
  • BPA-free plastic and food-grade parts
  • Diffuses vapor for huge satisfying hits
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Enhances vapor from any dry vape or pipe
  • Requires refilling water between uses
  • Not as durable as glass bubblers
  • Small learning curve to use pulser
  • Herb can get wet if water bubbles
  • Diffusion can reduce dense visible vapor
While not quite as rugged as glass, the convenience of the Budsy’s portable water cooling makes it worth the tradeoff for many vapers.

Who It’s For

The PuffCo Budsy Kit appeals to:
  • Those wanting water filtration with portability
  • Any dry herb vaper looking to enhance smoothness
  • People who use vapes or bowls on the go
  • Those unsatisfied with harsh hits from dry vapes
  • Anyone searching for a compact water pipe
  • Vapers who use bongs or rigs at home
  • Those needing discreet and low odor sessions
  • Fans of big milky diffused hits
  • Connoisseurs wanting optimal flavor
The Budsy delivers water-filtered hits for dry herb fans who want smoothness without compromising portability. It’s ideal for vaping outdoors or when glass isn’t practical.

Compared to PuffCo Peak

While both innovative products, the Budsy and Peak excel in different areas: PuffCo Peak: Electronic smart rig for concentrates. For bigger hits at home. PuffCo Budsy: Manual water bubbler for herbs. For smooth hits anywhere. The Peak offers the convenience and power of an electronic concentrate rig optimized for home use. The Budsy provides water filtration portably for dry herb fans. Together they cover both on the go use and sessions at home.

What Customers Are Saying

With hundreds of positive reviews averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars, Budsy owners love the smooth portable hits: ?? “This little gadget really delivers on smooth cool vapor through the water. Whole new experience with my dry herb vape.” ?? “Super easy to use and fits in my bag perfectly. Way better than hitting my vape dry.” ?? “The vapor production is great! Adds nice humidity without losing potency like full water pipes.” ?? “This thing rips! Smoothest and coolest dry herb vaping I’ve ever experienced.” A fewusers did mention: ?? “Not quite as smooth as a full sized water pipe but much more portable and discreet.” ?? “Have to refill water fairly often so it can be a bit of work to use regularly.” Overall, the vast majority of customers agree the Budsy takes dry herb vaping to the next level with its innovative water cooling in a supremely portable kit.


With its game changing gravity pulser system, the PuffCo Budsy Kit makes water-filtered smoothness achievable anywhere. Compact yet capable, it delivers unmatched cooling and flavor enhancement by diffusing dry herb vapor through water. The discreet handheld design allows you to experience the difference water filtration makes wherever life takes you. For dry herb enthusiasts who prioritize smoothness and portability, the Budsy offers the ideal hybrid experience.  

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PuffCo Budsy Kit water bubbler for herbs.
PuffCo Budsy Kit water bubbler for herbs.


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