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OXVA Xlim V2/SE/SQ Replacement Pod – 3PK


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OXVA Xlim V2/SE/SQ Replacement Pod – 3PK – Authentic Pods for Xlim Pod Kits

Make the most of your OXVA Xlim, Xlim V2, Xlim SE or Xlim SQ pod vape kit with these authentic replacement pods. The 3 pack of 2.0ml refillable pods are designed specifically for flawless fit and performance. Choose between 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm or 1.2ohm resistance options to customize your vaping experience.

Engineered to the same exacting standards as the original pod kits, these replacement pods deliver the full intended flavor and satisfaction. Their food-grade PCTG construction and side fill design provide convenience along with the superior vape quality expected from OXVA.

Product Highlights

3 x OXVA Xlim Replacement Pods
Designed for Xlim/V2/SE/SQ Kits
2.0ml E-Liquid Capacity
Side Fill Design
0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, 1.2ohm Options
Food-Grade PCTG Construction
Authentic OXVA Quality

Experience the Xlim Difference

The Xlim series of pod vape kits are designed for an unmatched vaping experience combining convenience, customization and satisfaction. Too often pod users settle for lackluster flavor and vapor from inferior pods.

OXVA’s innovative pods feature build quality, materials and coil configurations simply not found in typical pod replacements. This enables pristine flavor recreation and satisfying vapor density designed specifically for the Xlim battery output.

By using authentic Xlim pods instead of generic third party options, you benefit from OXVA’s precision engineering. Expect optimal wicking, longevity, leak resistance and consistency when vaping. OXVA innovations like the 0.0001 high precision airflow system shine when using pods made for this exact battery and chipset.

Don’t accept muted, dull flavor and weak vapor production from pods not designed for the Xlim’s unique output and draw style. Insist on the real deal and unlock the Xlim’s full vaping potential.

Tailor Your Vape with Variable Coil Options

This 3 pack of Xlim pods provides the flexibility to customize your vaping experience. Choose from:

0.6ohm pods for direct lung vaping around 20-25W
0.8ohm pods for a tighter MTL draw at 12-16W
1.2ohm pods for highest resistance MTL vaping at 12-16W

With the ability to swap pods, vapers can tweak the warmth, density and smoothness of each draw. Cater your vape to the type of e-liquid and your cravings at that moment. The Xlim battery auto-adjusts power delivery for consistent output every time.

Always have a few spare pods in different resistances on hand for perfect vaping any time. At less than $5 per pod, it’s affordable to keep your Xlim kit loaded with options.

OXVA pods make it simple to jump from dense cloud chasing to nicotine salt throat hits in seconds. Expand your vaping versatility by keeping a range of replacement pod resistances ready.

2.0ml Refillable Pod Design

Despite the compact size, these Xlim pods offer a generous 2.0ml e-liquid capacity that lasts even heavy vapers a full day of use. Side fill slots make it easy and mess-free to top off with your preferred juice in seconds.

Minimal leakage or spit back issues allow for extended vaping between refills. The secure magnetic snap connection keeps the pod firmly attached to prevent accidental detachment.

For portable all day vaping, the leak resistant pods hold enough juice to avoid constantly having to refill. Carry spare e-liquid bottles to swap flavors on the go as often as you want.

Combined with the versatile coil options, the convenient pod design makes customizing your sessions throughout the day a breeze.

Durable Food-Grade PCTG Construction

OXVA manufactures the pods using food-grade PCTG (polycyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate glycol), the highest standard material for vaping. This co-polyester plastic is flavor neutral and heat resistant.

PCTG pods last longer before degrading compared to other plastics. You’ll enjoy consistent flavor and draw until it’s time to swap pods. There’s no burnt or chemical aftertaste.

The material also provides a secure snap-in fit that won’t wear out like lesser silicone grommets. PCTG enables extended leak-free usage compared to typical pod life expectancy.

When you choose OXVA’s PCTG pods, you benefit from lab tested durability and quality unmatched by generic pods. Experience the difference in longevity and performance.

Performance Engineered for Xlim Kits

OXVA meticulously designed every aspect of these replacement pods specifically for the Xlim platform. The integrated coils provide temperature and vapor production tailored to the smart battery output.

An optimized juice flow system prevents dry hits or flooding. The airflow is precision tooled for smooth DTL or MTL puffs depending on the pod resistance. The flat bottom synchronizes with the Xlim’s contacts for ideal power transfer.

Countless design iterations and testing resulted in the perfect pod configuration to maximize your Xlim kit’s potential. This 3 pack gives users everything needed for ultimate functionality and satisfaction.

True MTL to Direct Lung Flexibility

The Xlim series offers a uniquely wide range of configurable draw styles for such a compact pod system. With the 0.6 coils, enjoy indulgent direct lung hits. The 1.2ohm pods provide exceptionally smooth MTL draws perfect for nic salts.

Alternatively, use a medium 0.8ohm pod for a balanced restricted DTL or loose MTL vape. Dial in your preferred draw with the easy pod swap system.

Most pod kits restrict you to either a loose MTL or loose DTL. With Xlim’s pods, switch from tight cigarette style MTL to vaporous lung hits in seconds. It’s like having 3 pod systems in 1.

Experience ideal airflow and vapor density for your vaping style. OXVA pods deliver more versatility than you ever expected from pod vaping.

Authentic OXVA Quality

Don’t settle for a lackluster vaping experience from generic third party pods. Only authentic Xlim series pods can provide the flavor recreation and longevity intended by expert OXVA engineers.

These replacement pods maintain the premium quality and innovation expected from OXVA’s pursuit of vaping perfection. From lab testing to machining, each pod must pass scrutiny for defects. Users worldwide have come to rely on OXVA for the ultimate vaping experience.

Never accept poor performing knock-off pods when you can enjoy the real thing designed specifically for the Xlim system. The difference in satisfaction compared to imitation pods is immediately recognizable.

Choose the peace of mind that comes with vaping pods engineered to uncompromising OXVA standards. Experience pod vaping at its absolute best.

Make the Smart Choice with Authentic Pods

Give your OXVA Xlim, Xlim V2, Xlim SE or Xlim SQ the best performance possible with these replacement pods direct from OXVA. With variable coil resistances, generous e-liquid capacity, and ingenious engineering, they deliver on all fronts.

The authentic quality ensures flawless functionality along with top-tier flavor and vapor production. Why settle for anything less from your pod vaping experience? Discover what it truly means to vape like a pro by always using OXVA’s precision designed pods.

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OXVA Xlim V2/SE/SQ Replacement Pod – 3PK
OXVA Xlim V2/SE/SQ Replacement Pod – 3PK


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