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Lit Pipes 4″ Glass Tobacco Pipe


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Lit Pipes Mini Glass Spoon Pipe – 2.5 Inch

The Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe is the perfect portable pipe for tobacco enjoyment on the go. Measuring just 2.5 inches long, this mini spoon pipe packs impressive performance in a pint-sized package. The high-quality borosilicate glass build ensures pure, flavorful hits every time. Read on to learn why this is the ultimate travel companion for your smoking adventures.

Premium Glass Construction

The Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe features a spoon bowl meticulously crafted from borosilicate glass. This specialized glass is heat resistant, preventing damage from repeated use. The glass won’t easily crack or shatter if accidentally dropped. Borosilicate glass also provides a pure, neutral taste that doesn’t distort flavors. Every draw tastes crisp and clean. The glass material is completely safe for contact with tobacco, ensuring only smooth hits reach your lips. No metals, paints or coatings come in contact with smoke. With its superior durability and flavor clarity, borosilicate glass is regarded as the best material for hand pipes. You’ll appreciate the build quality of this mini spoon pipe.

Discreet yet Functional Size

Measuring just 2.5 inches long, the Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe delivers impressive performance in a pint-sized form factor. The mini dimensions make this pipe easy to conceal in your pocket or bag. Its low-key appearance won’t attract unwanted attention. Despite its discreet size, the pipe’s bowl can hold a substantial amount of dry tobacco. The wide bowl chamber provides space for loading whole shredded leaves. The mini but mighty dimensions make this an ideal discreet pipe for travel and portability.

Ergonomic Shape

This mini glass pipe features an intelligently contoured design that feels great in hand. The curving body slopes down to form a comfortable gripping area, allowing your fingers to really wrap around the structure. This gives you a secure hold that prevents slipping. The flared mouthpiece is tilted at an angle that directs smoke naturally as you inhale. Overall, the ergonomic shaping creates a pipe that’s extremely comfortable and intuitive to use.

Deep Bowl for Large Loads

While petite in size, this mini pipe can pack a punch thanks to its deep tobacco chamber. The bowl provides ample space for loading up shredded leaf to your liking. Pack it fully for longer lasting sessions before needing a refill. Wide and deep, the bowl accommodates your choice of loose leaf, allowing you to load whole chunks without needing to grind up your tobacco. Experience bold, robust flavor from oversized portions.

Carb Control for Adjustable Airflow

Located on the left side of the bowl is a carb hole that acts as an airflow regulator. Keep your thumb or finger over the hole to restrict airflow and build up thicker smoke. Remove your finger to clear the chamber and enjoy lighter draws. Having full control over airflow enables you to customize the thickness of each hit. Open up the carb for wispier hits or block it to achieve dense, milky clouds. This degree of adjustment takes your tobacco sessions to the next level.

Disassembles for Easy Cleaning

Over time, resin buildup is expected within the pipe’s chamber and stem. No problem! The Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe can quickly be taken apart for thorough cleaning. Just give a gentle twist to detach the bowl section from the mouthpiece stem. Drop both pieces into isopropyl alcohol to dissolve residue. For deeper cleaning, pipe cleaners and cotton swabs can scrub away stubborn buildup. Routine cleaning preserves flavor clarity and airflow. Reassemble the two sections after drying to restore your mini pipe to like-new condition.

Flaunt Your Style

The clear glass body of this pipe lets inner colors shine through for a unique look. Load up your favorite blended tobaccos and watch their hues show through the translucent glass. The pipe almost appears to glow when illuminated. Tobacco connoisseurs will also appreciate how the clear construction provides a window into the bowl’s contents. Easily monitor how spent your tobacco is without needing to open the pipe. The visibility adds convenience.

Discreet Package for Privacy

To protect your privacy, the Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe ships in discrete packaging. The subtle box features no markings or logos linking it to tobacco use. Your order details remain confidential. Inside, foam cradles keep the pipe securely protected. Discreet shipping ensures your purchase remains low-key. The plain packaging keeps the product contents private.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shop with confidence knowing your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with your mini spoon pipe for any reason, contact our helpful customer service team for a replacement or full refund. We take pride in making sure you are completely happy with your purchase.

What’s Included:

  • Lit Pipes Mini Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Packing Tool
Take your tobacco enjoyment anywhere with this portable powerhouse! The Lit Pipes Mini Glass Pipe delivers impressive performance from a compact, pocket-friendly body. Order yours today!

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Lit Pipes 4″ Glass Tobacco Pipe
Lit Pipes 4″ Glass Tobacco Pipe


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