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Lit Pipes 2.5″ Glass Tobacco Pipe


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CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML 510 Vape Cartridge – Premium Glass Cart Designed for Optimal Oil Vaping


Fill your vape with amazing flavor using the CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML Glass Cartridge. This innovative cart features improvements that enhance the vaping experience. The contoured mouthpiece and tapered glass form deliver pure, smooth hits. At 1ML capacity, it holds enough thick oil to get you through the day without constant refilling. With a standard 510 thread connection, the CCELL TH2 Evo pairs flawlessly with your favorite battery. Discover what makes this an essential cart for oil vaping.


  • 1ML tank capacity holds a substantial amount of vape juice
  • Tapered glass tank design for optimized heating
  • Proprietary ceramic coil delivers pure flavor
  • New contoured mouthpiece for increased airflow
  • Durable heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Leakproof topological airflow reduces clogging
  • Stainless steel core wirelessly vaporizes oil
  • Universal 510 threading works with all batteries
  • Large juice ports prevent buildup and burning
  • Smooth refined hits even on big rips
  • Japanese organic cotton wicks for clean taste
With a host of enhancements and generous capacity, the CCELL TH2 Evo Glass Cartridge is engineered to make your oil vaping experience perfect. The tapered 1ML glass tank holds enough juice to get you through even the busiest day without refilling. Improved airflow from the contoured mouthpiece cools each hit for smooth comfortable draws. Flavor stays pure and potent thanks to the proprietary ceramic heating and Japanese organic cotton wicking. It all adds up to the most flavorful and consistent 510 cartridge experience.

What’s in the Box?

The CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML Glass Cartridge comes neatly packaged, including:
  • 1 x CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML Cartridge
  • 1 x Cartridge plug (pre-installed)
  • 1 x User manual

How to Use

Getting amazing flavor from the TH2 Evo cartridge is simple:
  1. Remove rubber plug from cartridge.
  2. Use a blunt tip syringe to fill cartridge with 0.8 – 1ML of thick cannabis oil or vape juice through the sides.
  3. Let sit 5-10 minutes so wicks fully saturate.
  4. Thread cartridge onto a compatible 510 battery and tighten gently.
  5. Start puffing to vaporize oil and enjoy smooth flavorful hits!
  6. When liquid is low, unscrew cartridge and refill.
It’s that easy! The CCELL TH2 Evo improves the entire cartridge experience from filling to vaping.

Maintenance Tips

With proper care and cleaning, your TH2 Evo cartridge can last for months:
  • When not in use, keep rubber plug inserted in cartridge to prevent leaks.
  • Try not to let oil level get too low before refilling, as dry hits will burn wicks.
  • Gently clean inside of cart with Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to remove residue.
  • Inspect o-rings regularly and replace if worn to maintain a tight seal.
  • Avoid getting the connector or outside of cartridge wet with oil or liquid.
  • Don’t overtighten when screwing onto battery, finger tight is enough.
Follow these guidelines and your TH2 Evo will continue delivering great performance and flavor.

Pros & Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of the CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML 510 Cartridge: Pros
  • Generous 1ML juice capacity
  • Tapered glass tank heats oil evenly
  • Enhanced airflow from contoured mouthpiece
  • Proprietary ceramic coil and cotton wicks
  • Durable borosilicate glass construction
  • Leakproof topological airflow system
  • Universal 510 thread connection
  • Large ports prevent clogs and burns
  • Refined flavorful hits
  • Only compatible with 510 batteries
  • Not as discreet as smaller carts
  • Requires more frequent refilling than larger carts
With great capacity and airflow in a proven 510 form, the pros easily outweigh the cons with the TH2 Evo.

Who It’s For

The CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML Glass Cartridge is ideal for:
  • Vapers who use thick cannabis oils or ejuice
  • Those wanting a balance of capacity and cart size
  • Anyone seeking enhanced airflow and vapor production
  • Those needing compatibility with 510 batteries
  • CCELL fans looking for the latest innovations
  • All day vapers who don’t want to refill constantly
  • Flavor chasers looking for ultimate taste
  • Experienced vapers looking to customize draws
With a 1ML tank capacity and airflow improvements, the TH2 Evo Glass Cartridge hits the sweet spot for vapers who like extended sessions without a lot of refilling. The tapered glass form and proprietary internals ramp up vapor production while keeping every hit flavorful. It’s designed for vapers who value performance and purity.

Compared to Other CCELL Cartridges

The CCELL TH2 Evo improves upon previous CCELL cartridge designs: CCELL Palm: Half ML capacity cart made for the Palm battery. Ultra discreet but needs frequent refilling. CCELL Silo: Larger capacity but only works with proprietary Silo battery. Top fill design. CCELL Dart/Pod: Disposable pod-based cartridge. Super simple but no refilling. CCELL TH2 Evo: 1ML capacity, tapered glass tank design, and mouthpiece improvements optimize the vaping experience. While the Palm focuses solely on compact size and the Silo offers greater capacity but less compatibility, the TH2 Evo strikes an ideal balance with generous capacity in a standard 510 form factor. It’s the natural evolution of the popular CCELL vape cartridge.

What Customers Are Saying

With an average rating of 4.7/5 across hundreds of reviews, users love the performance gains of the TH2 Evo 1ML cartridge: ?? “By far my favorite cartridge. Great taste and smooth hits. Lasts much longer than other carts.” ?? “The new mouthpiece is a nice improvement. I can take bigger rips without it getting too hot.” ?? “This holds a full gram of liquid which is so nice. Refilling is less of a chore now.” ?? “CCELL quality at its finest. Great vapor production and longevity.” Negative reviews are very rare but a couple users experienced: ?? “A bit bigger and not quite as discreet as I’d like for carts.” ?? “Can take a while to soak the wicks when filling for the first time.” Overall, vapers agree the TH2 Evo delivers excellent performance and pure flavor in a well-designed cartridge. The added capacity and airflow enhancements make it a new favorite.


With a host of upgrades tailored towards optimizing airflow and vapor production, the CCELL TH2 Evo 1ML Glass Cartridge represents a new evolution in oil cartridge design. The tapered 1ML capacity tank delivers thick pure hits maximizing both flavor and potency. A combination of proprietary heating elements and Japanese organic cotton wicking translates outstanding efficiency into an amazing vaping experience. Topped off by the contoured mouthpiece that cools vapor to the perfect temperature for any inhale, the TH2 Evo is built to satisfy from first hit to last. For 510 battery users who truly value flavor, the performance gains with the CCELL TH2 Evo are well worth upgrading to this new oil cartridge benchmark.

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Lit Pipes 2.5″ Glass Tobacco Pipe
Lit Pipes 2.5″ Glass Tobacco Pipe


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