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King’s Crest Fruits Watermelon Lemonade Ice 120ml


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King’s Crest Fruits Watermelon Lemonade Ice – A Chill Twist on Summer Refreshment

Quench your thirst for fruit refreshment with King’s Crest Fruits Watermelon Lemonade Ice premium e-liquid. This exhilarating blend marries sweet watermelon and tart lemonade with an icy kiss of menthol. Each puff delivers a blast of chilled summery flavor. Read on to see why this may become your favorite fruit vape juice.

A Tantalizing Twist on Watermelon and Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade Ice takes two beloved summer flavors to exciting new heights. Refreshingly sweet watermelon dances with smooth, slightly tangy lemonade for a dynamic fruit experience. As you inhale, juicy watermelon flesh delights the senses. Zesty lemonade mingles on the finish for a mouthwatering twist. Their fruity sugars intertwine in perfect harmony. An icy undertone runs throughout, accentuating the fruits’ natural sweet-tart qualities. Puffs refresh like your favorite frozen fruit drink on a hot day. Watermelon Lemonade Ice keeps your tastebuds enthralled.

Optimized for Maximum Satisfaction

While fruit-forward, Watermelon Lemonade Ice avoids being cloyingly sweet or syrupy. The icy menthol effect balances the fruits’ sugars for lighter enjoyment. At 70% VG, vapor production remains dense without being too thick. Plumes bloom with fruity aroma and just the right sweetness. This e-liquid is primed for easy all day vaping. Nicotine blends smoothly into the mix at 3mg and 6mg concentrations. It provides a subtle throat tickle without obscuring the delicate fruit notes. Flavor stays front and center.

Consistent Excellence You Can Trust

As leaders in premium e-liquids, King’s Crest uses only the finest ingredients and processes. They oversee production in-house to guarantee unbeatable consistency. USP-grade PG/VG and 99.9% pure nicotine meet strict quality control guidelines. State-of-the-art equipment allows for precise flavoring. You can trust every bottle of Watermelon Lemonade Ice to taste phenomenal. When fruity ice perfection is required, King’s Crest delivers.

The King’s Crest Commitment to Quality

California-based King’s Crest Premium E-Liquids live up to their regal name. Founded in 2015, they rapidly grew into a juice juggernaut through tireless innovation. Employing only the most talented flavor artists, they’ve perfected hundreds of complex recipes. Their dedication to quality attracts vapers seeking truly royal treatment. King’s Crest’s phenomenal growth proves they have the magic touch when it comes to e-juice brewing. Treat yourself like royalty with Watermelon Lemonade Ice.

A Chilling Escape Anytime

Watermelon Lemonade Ice makes every puff feel like a mini vacation. Its sun-kissed fruits mixed with icy menthol refresh and rejuvenate. Beat the heat all year round with this thirst-quenching vape. Fruit lovers will delight in the authentic juiciness of the watermelon and lemonade. The icy notes prevent it from becoming overly sweet or one-dimensional. Cloud chasers will marvel at the huge plumes this 70% VG juice produces. Enjoy fruit flavor wrapped in billowing vapor. Elevate your vaping experience to royal heights with this satisfying chill juice from King’s Crest. Life’s too short to vape lackluster e-liquids – refresh yourself with Watermelon Lemonade Ice!

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King’s Crest Fruits Watermelon Lemonade Ice 120ml
King’s Crest Fruits Watermelon Lemonade Ice 120ml


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