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FreeMax M1-D Coil Replacements 3pk


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FreeMax M1-D Mesh 0.15ohm Replacement Coils 3 Pack – Compatible with M Pro 3, M Pro 2, and M Pro Tanks

Experience the next level of flavor and cloud production with the FreeMax M1-D Mesh 0.15ohm Replacement Coils 3 Pack. Specifically designed for use with the FreeMax M Pro 3, M Pro 2, and original M Pro sub ohm tanks, these coils deliver bold, saturated flavor and huge vapor output.

Unparalleled Flavor and Vapor Production

At the heart of the M1-D coil is FreeMax’s innovative dual mesh coil technology. Instead of a single flat wire heating element, there are two layers of ribbon wire wrapped into a carefully engineered matrix. This increases the surface area and ramps up vaporization drastically compared to traditional single and even quad coil atomizers. Airflow is directed through the upper and lower mesh sections for complete saturation and mouthwatering flavor intensity. Vapers who enjoy high wattage vaping will be thrilled with the immense cloud production from the M1-D coil. The 0.15ohm resistance gives you the flexibility to crank up the power between 50W to 80W, with the ideal range being around 70W. At this sweet spot, expect enormous clouds along with the full spectrum of flavors from your favorite ejuices.

Long Lasting Coils for Extended Vaping Enjoyment

While the cloud chucking power is impressive, what really stands out about the M1-D coils is their longevity. The combination of the dual mesh build and premium materials allows these coils to last for weeks with proper maintenance. The organic cotton wicking was specially formulated to withstand high VG juices and high wattage output without burning or muting flavors. Over two weeks of use is not uncommon for satisfied vapers. This gives you excellent value for money, with less time spent replacing burnt out coils.

Easy to Install and Great Compatibility

Installing a new M1-D coil takes just a few seconds. Simply line up the base of the coil with the threading on your M Pro tank, and twist it into place. Make sure everything is secured properly to prevent leaks. Wait 5-10 minutes after filling the tank before your first vape to fully saturate the cotton. The triple 0.15ohm coil pack is compatible with the full range of M Pro sub ohm tanks from FreeMax. This includes the original M Pro, the M Pro 2, and the newest M Pro 3. So no matter which tank you own, you can utilize these powerful mesh coils.

Coil Specifications

  • Resistance: 0.15ohm (50-80W range)
  • Recommended Wattage: 70W
  • Coil Structure: Dual mesh
  • Wick Material: Organic cotton
  • Compatible Tanks: FreeMax M Pro, M Pro 2, M Pro 3
  • Contents: 3 x 0.15ohm coils
  • Made with Kanthal wire

Why Choose the FreeMax M1-D Coils?

FreeMax has continuously innovated in the sub ohm tank market, raising the bar for flavor and vapor production. The M1-D coils represent the latest evolution in their atomizer technology. Here are some key reasons why vapers choose these exceptional coils:
  • Dual Mesh Build – Two layers of ribbon wire create a large heating surface area for intense flavor and huge vapor clouds. Far superior to single mesh and vertical coil designs.
  • High Power Tolerance – With a 0.15ohm resistance, these coils are optimized for higw wattage vaping between 50-80W. Massive vapor production at 70W.
  • Organic Cotton Wicks – Carefully formulated cotton provides great saturation and longevity.
  • Great Compatibility – Works with the full range of FreeMax M Pro tanks.
  • Long Lasting – Coils last for weeks with proper prime and break-in.
  • Bold Flavor – Exceptional taste quality across the board. Brings out the complexity in your ejuices.
  • Enormous Vapor – Chuck fat clouds that will impress even the most ardent cloud chasers.

How to Use the M1-D Coils

To get the best experience from the M1-D coils, follow these tips when installing a new coil and general usage:
  • Make sure tank is empty before swapping atomizers. Disconnect and remove old coil.
  • Line up new coil with tank threading and twist into place. Tighten down firmly.
  • Fill tank with ejuice and let sit for 5-10 minutes to fully saturate wicks.
  • Start at lower wattage like 50W on first vape. Gradually increase 5W at a time.
  • Vape at around 70W for best balance of flavor and vapor. Do not exceed 80W.
  • Allow adequate time between puffs for coil to wick and cotton to resaturate.
  • Try not to chain vape continuously to prevent dry hits.
  • Switch out coil when vapor production declines or flavor is muted.
  • Properly prime all new coils before initial use as described above.
Following these guidelines will help you get the absolute most out of your FreeMax M1-D coils. The flavor and vapor will amaze you!

FreeMax Quality and Innovation

Ever since bursting onto the vaping scene in 2014, FreeMax has established itself as one of the most innovative and quality focused tank manufacturers. They’ve led the way in implementing new atomizer technology like mesh coils and adjustable airflow. This dedication to engineering excellent tanks can be seen in the M1-D coils. The company is based in Shenzhen, widely regarded as the electronics capital of the world. Their R&D team is staffed with some of the most talented engineers and chemists in the Chinese vaping industry. State of the art manufacturing facilities allow FreeMax to maintain tight quality control standards that meet their exacting specifications. They are continuously improving on existing coil designs while also developing new types of atomizers. FreeMax’s motto is “Live Free Max”. They strive to help people break free from smoking by providing an excellent vaping experience. Judging from the rave reviews of vapers using their tanks, coils, and other products, it’s clear they are fulfilling that mission.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of satisfied vapers have shared their experiences using the FreeMax M1-D coils. Here are just a few of the many positive reviews: “The FreeMax M1-D coils are absolute monsters! At 75W the flavor and clouds are just phenomenal out of my M Pro 3 tank. And I’m still on my first coil after two weeks.” “These 0.15 ohm dual mesh coils wick like a charm. I’ve put over 100ml of sweet juice through this coil and it’s still going strong with no burnt hits. Love it!” “I don’t think I can ever go back to single mesh coils after trying these M1-Ds. The flavor depth and cloud density is on another level. Coil life is pretty insane too.” “The M Pro 2 is still one of my favorite sub ohm tanks, and the M1-D coils make it even better. Great vapor and flavor! I just wish they sold 5-packs.” “For high wattage direct lung vaping, FreeMax coils are hard to beat. These M1-Ds last far longer than Smok or Voopoo coils in my experience. I get about 2 weeks from each one.” As you can see, most reviews highlight the excellent longevity, flavor production, and vapor from the M1-D coils. The dual mesh build really shines when compared to other tank coils.


The FreeMax M1-D 0.15ohm dual mesh coils deliver an exceptional vaping experience. They are optimized for use with the popular M Pro line of sub ohm tanks. Dual layers of mesh increase surface area dramatically for bold flavor and enormous vapor clouds. Organic cotton provides great saturation for longevity. These coils thrive when vaped around 70W but can handle up to 80W. Each pack comes with 3 coils to stock up on this vaping essential. Experience the next level in flavor chasing and cloud production with the FreeMax M1-D!

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FreeMax M1-D Coil Replacements 3pk
FreeMax M1-D Coil Replacements 3pk


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