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CCELL TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge – 1PK – 1ML


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Introducing the CCELL TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge – High-Quality Vaping Made Easy

Experience next level vaping with the CCELL TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge. This innovative cartridge delivers smooth, flavorful hits in a sleek, durable package. The 1ml capacity gives you plenty of room for your favorite e-liquids. The Evo’s stainless steel and glass construction ensures purity and longevity. This cartridge threads onto any 510 vape battery for effortless use. Keep reading to learn why the CCELL TH-2 Evo is the ultimate cartridge for discerning vapers.

Superior Engineering for Optimal Vaping

The CCELL TH-2 Evo represents a new evolution in vape cartridge technology. CCELL is an industry leader known for exceptional engineering and design. This cartridge exemplifies their commitment to perfection. Every component is carefully crafted for performance. The 1ml tank holds a sizable amount of e-liquid. This borosilicate glass tank maintains the purity of your juice. An inner stainless steel core optimizes heating. The standard 510 threading provides a secure connection to your battery. CCELL pulled out all the stops to create an extraordinary vaping experience. You’ll enjoy luxuriously smooth puffs and maximum flavor with every use. The Evo delivers on all fronts.

Durable Construction for Long Lasting Use

The TH-2 Evo is built to last through frequent vaping. Only premium materials come into contact with your e-juice. The tank features shatter-resistant borosilicate glass. This ensures the cartridge retains its structural integrity over time. The medical-grade stainless steel center post evenly distributes heat. This further extends the life of the cartridge. Stainless steel threading keeps the base firmly attached to batteries. Overall, the Evo’s thoughtful engineering guarantees enduring performance. You can count on this cartridge to maintain its functionality. It’s designed to handle heavy usage without wear and tear. The glass and steel construction keeps the tank pristine even after hundreds of puffs.

Pure Taste You Can Trust

Purity is paramount when vaping. The CCELL TH-2 Evo delivers untainted flavor you can trust. The inert borosilicate glass doesn’t impart any tastes or odors. Your e-juice’s intended flavors will shine through. The steel heating element also won’t contaminate the vapor. You’ll draw clean, crisp hits every time. No metallic aftertaste will taint that lush strawberry or creamy custard. This cartridge is ideal for natural vaping connoisseurs. CCELL’s flawless engineering guarantees a pure vaping experience. All you’ll taste is that delicious e-liquid. The Evo prevents any impurities from muddying your flavors. Vaping simply doesn’t get cleaner than this.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The intelligent design of the TH-2 Evo makes vaping a breeze. Simply fill the 1ml tank with your favorite e-liquid. Then screw it onto any 510 threaded battery. You’ll be ready to start enjoying soothing puffs instantly. When it’s time to switch flavors, the cartridge disassembles for quick cleaning. Soak in isopropyl alcohol to fully sanitize. Let the components dry completely before your next use. Proper maintenance prevents any lingering tastes. The Evo couldn’t be simpler to use and care for. Even new vapers will find this cartridge effortless. The straightforward setup delivers satisfaction every time.

Customization Available

The TH-2 Evo offers ample room for customization. CCELL can manufacture custom cartridges to meet your specific needs. Want a different tank capacity? No problem. How about unique branding? They can handle it. Work directly with their design team for a tailored vaping product. Add logos, stylized fonts, creative colors and more. Custom cartridges make great swag for promotions or events. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf cartridge. Get one that reflects your personal taste. With CCELL’s custom services, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind vaping accessory.

What’s in the Box?

Each TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge package contains:
  • 1x CCELL TH-2 Evo Cartridge
That’s it! Just one high-performance cartridge, ready for filling. Buy multiple cartridges to switch between flavors or keep spares on hand.

Key Features and Specs

  • 510 thread – fits all compatible batteries
  • 1ml e-liquid tank capacity
  • Dimensions: 10.5mm x 52mm (0.41″ x 2.05″)
  • Medical-grade stainless steel center post
  • Shatter-resistant borosilicate glass body
  • Screw-on mouthpiece for secure attachment

Compare to Other CCELL Cartridges

The TH-2 Evo has some similarities with other CCELL cartridges, along with a few key differences: CCELL Dart:
  • Like the Evo, has 1ml capacity
  • Uses same materials like borosilicate glass
  • Draw-activated instead of push-button battery
  • Shorter, more discreet design
  • Half the capacity at 0.5ml
  • Wider profile for easier grip
  • Push-button auto draw
  • Only available with specific Palm battery
  • Larger 2ml capacity
  • Top-fill design
  • Not compatible with 510 batteries
The Evo has the advantage of 510 compatibility for versatile use. It also provides a sizable 1ml capacity in a compact yet durable package.

Perfect for All Vaping Enthusiasts

From cloud chasers to flavor aficionados, the CCELL TH-2 Evo satisfies. The enhanced design and premium materials deliver an exceptional vaping experience. You’ll enjoy unmatched flavor clarity and smooth hits every time. This cartridge pairs flawlessly with all e-juice types including:
  • Nicotine e-liquids – Get your nic fix with an intensely satisfying throat hit.
  • CBD oil – Vape therapeutic, relaxing CBD oil blends.
  • THC oil – Savor the flavors of your favorite cannabis concentrates.
  • Terpenes – Isolate and heighten specific terpene flavors.
  • DIY e-juice – Craft your own signature e-liquid creations.
The Evo elevates vaping, whether you’re chasing clouds or seeking flavor subtleties. Discover what this advanced cartridge can do for you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CCELL stands behind the quality of the TH-2 Evo. They offer a limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Contact CCELL support for any warranty issues. For further peace of mind, this cartridge is child-resistant certified. The secure mouthpiece helps prevent accidental exposure. CCELL puts safety first. Try the TH-2 Evo risk-free. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, returns are accepted within 30 days. CCELL wants you to have an exceptional vaping experience.

Go Beyond with CCELL

Take your vaping to the next level with the groundbreaking CCELL TH-2 Evo. Experience ultimate flavor and satisfaction. This thoughtfully engineered cartridge delivers exceptional performance, longevity, and purity. See for yourself why CCELL is setting new standards for vaping excellence. The Evo provides the ultimate vaping experience.

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CCELL TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge – 1PK – 1ML
CCELL TH-2 Evo 510 Cartridge – 1PK – 1ML


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