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CCELL Palm Pro Battery 500mah


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The Ultimate On-The-Go Vape Battery – CCELL Palm Pro 500mah

Tired of bulky, conspicuous vape pens cramping your style? Introducing the CCELL Palm Pro 500mah – the ultimate on-the-go vape battery that keeps your sessions sleek, discreet, and flavorful.

An Ultra-Compact Frame That Fits In Your Palm

Measuring just 57.5mm x 49.1mm x 13.7mm and weighing only 46 grams, the Palm Pro is the smallest 500mAh battery on the market. Its slim, rectangular frame is smaller than a credit card and disappears effortlessly into your pocket or bag. The lightweight aluminum housing feels sturdy in hand without the extra bulk. Whether you??re on the go, at work, or out with friends, the Palm Pro??s incredible portability lets you take quick, covert hits anywhere life takes you. Keep an extra battery in your pocket for all-day vaping without worrying about running low.

Pure, Potent Hits with 3 Temperature Control Settings

The Palm Pro ensures you get the most out of your material with 3 variable voltage settings:
  • 2.8V delivers smooth, flavorful hits for CBD and terpene-rich oils
  • 3.2V provides balanced vapor production with light throat hit
  • 3.6V maximizes vapor clouds and intensity
Cycle through low, medium, and high power levels with 5 clicks of the side button. LED lights indicate the selected setting. An automatic 10-second cutoff prevents overheating and protects the heating element. You??ll get pure, terpene-rich vapor with every hit.

Premium Magnetic Connection Keeps Your Cart Secure

The Palm Pro features a strong magnetic adapter that holds cartridges firmly in place. Just drop your 510-threaded cart onto the adapter for a perfect, wobble-free fit. Strong neodymium magnets prevent oil spills and keep your cart secure, even when tucked upside down in your pocket. The adapters have airflow vents that prevent suctioning and let you take smooth hits.

Breath-Activated Firing and Preheat Mode

Inhale activation makes the Palm Pro incredibly easy to use. Simply take a draw to begin heating your material to the perfect temperature. Click the power button twice to activate preheat mode. This gets your cartridge primed for tasty clouds from the first puff. Between the pure flavor and covert size, the Palm Pro makes vaping simple and discreet no matter where you are.

Recharge On The Go via USB-C

Despite its small size, the Palm Pro packs an impressive 500mAh battery capacity. Expect over 150 puffs per charge, depending on your voltage setting. Recharging is quick and convenient with the included USB-C cable. Plug into a portable charger or wall adapter for power anywhere. A full charge takes 60-90 minutes. Four LED lights indicate battery level so you can easily monitor usage and refill. With pass-through charging, you can vape while powering up – no interruptions necessary!

What’s Included:

  • 1x Palm Pro battery
  • 2x Magnetic 510 adapters
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual
Keep the Palm Pro fully equipped for ultimate portability and convenience. The two included magnetic adapters ensure you??ll always have a clean one on standby.

Discreet, durable, and travel-friendly – the Palm Pro is built for life on the go.

The Palm Pro sets the new standard for low-profile, portable vaping. Its slim yet rugged build is designed for total stealth and convenience. The aluminum housing stands up to dings and drops while barely making a bulge in your pocket. Take it anywhere without drawing attention to yourself. The angular shape disguises the nature of the device. Without an attached cartridge, it could pass for a USB drive or external battery pack.

Some key features making it the perfect travel companion:

  • Pocket-friendly – Barely larger than a lighter, it tucks easily into any pocket or bag. The smooth housing won’t snag on fabric.
  • Lightweight – At just 46 grams, keep it with you effortlessly all day long.
  • Durable aluminum housing – Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum construction is built to last.
  • Powerful magnets – Strong neodymium magnets hold your cart firmly in place.
  • Charges via USB-C – Recharge from any USB-C port; perfect for using portable chargers.
  • Battery level indicator – LEDs let you check remaining battery life at a glance.
  • Overcharge protection – Automatically stops charging once the battery is full.
For work, travel, or everyday carry, the Palm Pro has revolutionized low-key, convenient vaping. Discreet size, durable build, and customizable temperature control deliver pure flavor wherever you roam.

Unbeatable Performance in an Ultra-Portable Package

The Palm Pro proves you don’t need a big, clunky vape pen to get smooth, flavorful hits. This slim battery packs a surprising punch:

Powerful 500mAh Battery

Despite its petite size, the Palm Pro’s 500mAh battery capacity keeps your sessions going strong. Expect over 150 puffs per charge depending on your voltage setting – equal to many larger vape pens. The integrated cell charges via USB-C in just 60-90 minutes.

Premium Heating Element

Smooth hits start with an efficient heating system. The Palm Pro uses an advanced CCELL ceramic heating element that evenly vaporizes oil while preserving flavor and potency. You’ll enjoy consistent pulls from the very first hit.

Perfect Airflow

Precision airflow vents prevent suction and allow smooth, comfortable hits. The vents also cool the vapor for a pleasant throat feel.

Three Heat Settings

With three variable voltage options, you can fine-tune the Palm Pro’s heat to match your material. Access the perfect setting for flavors and effects with the click of a button. For amazing performance in a tiny, pocketable package, the Palm Pro is in a class of its own. The ideal ratio of battery life, heat control, and portability makes every puff a pleasure.

Designed for Discretion

The Palm Pro offers an ultra-stealthy vaping experience, keeping your habits private:

Concealed Cartridge

The magnetic adapter hides your cartridge inside the battery housing when attached. No one will know what’s inside with just a quick glance.

Subtle Styling

With its neutral colors and streamlined design, the Palm Pro looks like any other tech accessory. The angular shape disguises its function as a vape battery.

Palm-Sized Format

Barely larger than a lighter, the Palm Pro is made to disappear into your pocket or purse. The slim shape won’t print through clothing.

Minimal Odor & Vapor

Oil never contacts the heat source, resulting in clean, condensed vapor. Hits are discreet with minimal odor too.

Simple, Quiet Operation

Inhale activation and vibration feedback keep usage discreet. There’s no noisy button-clicking or flashing lights. The Palm Pro’s combination of portable size and subtle styling lets you vape free of unwanted attention. Keep your usage low-key no matter where you take it.

Engineered for Reliability & Safety

The Palm Pro delivers peace of mind with its intelligent safety features:
  • Short circuit protection – Prevents firing if there’s ever a short in the battery.
  • Over-charge protection – Stops charging once the battery is full.
  • Overheat protection – Cuts power if the device overheats.
  • Over-discharge protection – Avoids battery damage from excessively draining.
  • No exposed coils – Internal heating element prevents potential shorts.
  • Vibration feedback – Quiet vibration indicators replace noisy beeping.
  • Accidental fire lock – Five clicks locks/unlocks the power button.
  • 10-second cutoff – Automatically stops heating after 10s to prevent overheating.
With a solid aluminum frame, air venting, and intelligent safety features, the Palm Pro provides fail-safe performance for peace of mind.

Experience Ultimate Portability and Pure Flavor

Why settle for a bulky, conspicuous vape pen? The CCELL Palm Pro 500mah is engineered for flavor and stealth. Its slim, rugged design revolutionizes portability and discretion.
  • Powerful 500mAh battery lasts over 150 puffs
  • 3 temperature settings for pure, customized vapor
  • Strong magnetic connection prevents oil spills
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum housing
  • Easily concealable – smaller than a credit card!
  • Quick recharges via USB-C
  • Breath activation for simple, discreet use
For an ultra-portable vaping experience without sacrificing performance, choose the Palm Pro. Its combination of covert size, safety, and pure flavor makes every session a pleasure. Pick up the Palm Pro and take flavorful, mess-free vaping anywhere you go!

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CCELL Palm Pro Battery 500mah
CCELL Palm Pro Battery 500mah


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